Although pregnancy can feel like it’s all about the mom there ways to include dad to be in the pregnancy. Here are few great ways to make sure he feels a part of all the exciting things that are coming your way! 

3 Ways to Include Dad to Be in the Pregnancy

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3 Easy & Fun Ways to Include Dad to Be in the Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant is exciting. There is so much to look forward to throughout the pregnancy, along with finally giving birth and bringing life into the world. Now that you and your partner are expecting, you may want to do what you can to make the dad-to-be feel included in everything. While the pregnancy is definitely about the baby and you as the expecting mom-to-be, you want your partner to feel like he is included in everything that goes on throughout the trimesters.

Go to Obstetrician Appointments Together

Make the dad-to-be feel more included by bringing him with you to your obstetrician appointments. These appointments are great for expecting moms and dads because the obstetrician provides a lot of valuable knowledge on what to expect and what is going on with the baby growing inside the womb.

During your visits, you may talk about changes you are experiencing, find out how big your baby is measuring so far, undergo a quick examination, and go over any questions you have. It gives the dad-to-be a chance to ask questions that he might have about the pregnancy, too.

Create a Baby Registry as a Team

If you plan to create a baby registry for loved ones to view and purchase items for the baby, consider making the registry together as a team. You can register at many places, including Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart. It is easy to register online or in person at one of these stores.

While sitting together or walking through the aisles of a store, you both can decide which items you would like to add to the registry, including clothes, diapers, feeding utensils, swings, vibrating chairs, and other essentials. The dad-to-be will feel more included when he has a say as to what you will need to get for your little one.

Buy Books on Pregnancy For Dads-to-Be

Make your partner feel even better about the pregnancy by purchasing books that explain pregnancy in detail for men. Some men do not necessarily understand what women go through and experience during the different trimesters, so it helps for them to have something to read to educate themselves on pregnancy.

If your partner is reading these books, he will learn more about changes that can happen to your body while your baby is growing. He can learn about different things you might experience, such as Braxton Hicks contractions, colostrum leakage, and heavier-than-usual discharge.

Here are a few great ones he can check out:


There are many ways to include the dad-to-be in the pregnancy. If you want your partner to feel fully involved and included, these are some great ways to help him feel so. Many men may feel uncomfortable being too involved and some will go all in. It’s important to not feel bad if dad to be doesn’t act interested. They are but may have trouble expressing it. But by doing these simple things like going to obstetrician appointments together, create the baby registry together, and buy dad-friendly pregnancy books for your partner to read you will be able to include him in a fun way during this fun new adventure! 

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