If you’re starting to feel kind of strange and are asking yourself “Am I pregnant ? ” Then maybe it’s time you  check out these 15 Early Signs of Pregnancy . 

Early signs of pregnancy

Are you Pregnant? Read on to find out some signs that might mean you are.

If you are wondering, could I possibly be pregnant, consider reading on to see the early signs of pregnancy! Every woman is different, and some don’t feel any different and others will experience morning sickness very early on! These early signs of pregnancy, listed below can help you to figure out if you possibly be!

The only true way to know is to take an at-home pregnancy test, or visit your doctor so they can test you! Around 60 percent of women have early pregnancy symptoms by around 6 weeks! Then close to 90 percent around the mark of 8 weeks along.

I also love the early predicting pregnancy test, where you can test 7 days sooner than other brands. It makes it so much easier to leave the questioning out of the picture and know as soon as possible!  With all of my kids many of these signs appear


Early Signs of Pregnancy

Fatigue: This is one I have heard a lot, fatigue. I mean not just a little worn out, but feel extremely more tired than normal. Where you struggle to want to get up, very little motivation, take naps if you don’t normally, and so on.

Headaches: Hormones are going crazy, and with that can mean massive headaches. You can experience almost migraine like headaches on and off throughout the day!

Breast Pain or Growth: If you find your breasts are filling out or extra tender, this can be another sign of early pregnancy. It is probably one of the first signs most women experience. If you are lucky enough to skip the breast tenderness, good for you!

Darkening Areolas: This is something that happens to most women during pregnancy, especially when you breastfeed. Some women can find that their areolas get dark early on in pregnancy.

Increased Hunger: If you feel like no matter how much you eat you can’t get full, that has been a sign for some women. Also you can even find that you are having major cravings already for foods you may not normally eat.

Spotting: About a week or so before your period you might spot once or twice, this can be called implantation bleeding. This is one of the first signs most mom’s to be find, if they are actively trying to have a baby!

Period Like Cramps: Finding that you have period like cramps that are dull, but not starting your period. This one is hard to decipher because it could be cramps just before your period does arrive.

Nausea: Feeling nauseated or even throwing up, can be a huge indicator you might be pregnant. Morning sickness, shouldn’t be called morning sickness, because it happens at anytime of the day. So if you find that you are feeling more sick than normal, better head out and buy a test!

Bloating: If you feel pretty bloated or find that your stomach is a little more pushed out than normal, again could be a sign! Some women literally look a few months along right at first, they generally say it is just water weight, and it does go down after time.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Mood Swings: You might find that you are crying a lot more than normal, getting quick to becoming angry, and more. Just feeling unstable in your emotions is a big sign.

Constipation or Severe Diarrhea: Most women experience constipation in pregnancy, but some go the opposite at first with severe diarrhea. Your hormones are bouncing around and it can make you irregular than what you are used to!

Feeling Light headed or Faint: Your hormones are in overdrive, and that causes a lot of things to happen in the first few weeks of pregnancy. You might find that you feel very light headed or faint.

Frequent Urination: Your uterus presses directly on your bladder, which can cause you to use the restroom more often. As your baby grows you will go to the restroom more and more. But, even at the very beginning, you can notice an increase.

Metallic Taste In Your Mouth: This might sound strange, but some women say they taste a metallic taste in their mouth during pregnancy. There is no scientific reasoning behind it.

Missed Period: This is obviously a big one, but if you find that you are late on starting your period.

If you find out you are pregnant, here are some natural remedies to help with morning sickness.

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