Baby’s First Christmas is an exciting time. There’s so much wonder and magic during baby’s First Christmas. As a parent you wish you could freeze the magic in time. Although it’s not possible here are some wonderful & Easy Baby’s First Christmas Craft ideas that will help keepsake this wonderful time.

Baby's First Christmas Craft Ideas

Baby’s First Christmas Craft Ideas

I still remember my oldests first Christmas. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was for my husband and I . I knew my little guy who was a month old didn’t have the foggiest of what was going on but I loved  being able to share in the fun with him. 14 years later one of my favorite things to pull out when we start unwrapping Christmas decorations is a keepsake ornament I made for his first Christmas.

It really is amazing to see these keepsakes when you have a grouchy 14 year old who is taller than you are. That’s why it’s important to make a keepsake of this first amazing year! 

So I put together this fun post of some of the cutests Baby’s First Christmas craft ideas around. These will help you make lovely keepsakes that will be perfect memories for years to come. 

Easy Baby Christmas Craft Ideas

This roundup is perfect fun for your little one. Some are easier than others to make and you can get the supplies for most at the Dollar store. So read on to check out these great and easy baby’s first Christmas Craft ideas. 

Baby's First Christmas Craft Ideas

Baby's First Christmas is so special It's the beginning of magic. What better way to keep the magic going for years to come with Baby's First Christmas Craft Ideas. These 10+ baby's first Christmas crafts will help you keep memories for years to come.

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