If you can’t laugh as a parent, and make those stressful moments humorous then chances are you’re missing out on the fun. Check out 10 Memes showing parenting humor at its best. 

How to keep a baby still during a Photoshoot and more Parenting Humor

Parenting Humor

Babies are something of an enigma for new parents. You have all these dreams of taking amazing pictures. Picturesque moments that will be perfection on Instagram or Facebook and then well, life happens. That’s why I salute all these parents who win at parenting. 

People who have managed to make sure they find the humor in the baby years while still making things happen. 

From the Baby’s first picture to many other events that capture the baby years perfectly these parents are winning at capturing that special moment. 

So keep scrolling to check out some fun parenting moments at baby’s expense. 

Because if you can’t laugh at parenting than when can you laugh? 

Like when the baby won’t sit still or keeps crying during a photoshoot… you take matters into your own hands. 

Parenting humor

Or when your baby takes their first bite of the sweet nectar that is their first birthday cake. 
Parenting humor

This parent knows how to take babywearing to a whole new level.

Parenting Humor

When you have a baby that’s cute enough to eat.Cute enough to eat

And well nothing is better than a fresh-picked baby. 

Parenting humor

But, Let’s face it though babies are cute but when they scream parents have two options, ignore it or join in…

And what good is parenting if you can’t have a few laughs in the process. Even if it is a baby’s expense. Because even babies with fake eyebrows are cute.

and then you have a magical moment when a simple face swap brings parenting gold. 

And even when parents are trying to capture that special moment. There’s nothing like that dad who owns the moment.

No matter what babies throw at you, admit it, there’s never a dull moment. 

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