Every woman is very different. So are their bodies. However, What is the perfect pregnant body? Read on to find out!

What is the perfect Pregnant Body

What is the perfect Pregnant Body?

I’ve been pregnant 6 different times and I can assure you I’ve looked different each time. From my body gaining more weight at the end or gaining it all in the middle.  It seems no matter how I look people always have a comment.

From Are you pregnant with twins to are you Pregnant with triplets? Yes, the comments aren’t always fantastic.

As a pregnant woman one doesn’t exactly feel beautiful it can be hard not only to see your body change in such a wild fashion but chances are that change is giving you all sorts of physical discomfort.

I know that I get to the point, during the pregnancy, where at the end of the day I can barely walk. My hips and legs just don’t work. Especially if I’ve done more than I should of, which is usually the case when you have 5 active little ones to take care of and of course run your home. 

There were many times where the below picture was literally me…


However, it just shows how much of a physical toll pregnancy can take on a body. So when you are already feeling terrible physically then insert a stranger who gives you their perception of what you look like it can be a real downer.

Every pregnancy is different.

Here I am 37 weeks pregnant with 4.0. During this pregnancy, I walked daily and watched what I ate but that little guy still grew big making me look all sorts of large. He weighed in at 8pounds 4 oz. So I wasn’t carrying a marble either 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I have loved being pregnant and have treasured every minute of having a little being growing inside of me. However, the physical change that takes place is hard. It seems though no matter what a woman looks like people have a comment to make.

Here I am at 27 weeks pregnant with my #5 and I was probably the “lightest” I’ve ever been pregnancy wise thanks to having lost 30 pounds with Nutrisystem and Crossfit before getting pregnant. However, the twin comments are still very real. I even had a lady ask me if I was getting ready to give birth any minute because I was huge.


Every woman is different

Obviously, I’m not skinny but I did feel a bit lighter than the other pregnancies (even though when I was pregnant with #3 I had to follow a strict low-fat diet thanks to my gall bladder going on the fritz.

Sadly even if a pregnant mama is skinny and isn’t showing enough, people think there’s something wrong. Then there are people who spend their whole pregnancy working out. Take case in point Sarah Stage the Model who at 9 months pregnant looks skinnier than I will ever look. 

Obviously, she’s proud of the way she looks and has worked hard to look this way. According to her, she’s healthy and her pregnancy is going great. Yet she gets some pretty nasty comments from people.


Why is it that when a woman is pregnant it becomes free for all to say something about their physical appearance? Usually something negative as to their size? It’s not like you would say that to a person who isn’t pregnant. You wouldn’t go up to a woman who is very skinny and say my goodness you’re too skinny you could gain some weight. That brings me to the real bread and butter …What is the perfect pregnant body?

Does it even exist? Think about the canvas we are all starting out with. We all have different heights, baby sizes, body masses, and most important body types.

So with certainty, I can say the answer is no! Pregnant women are all so different yet they are all so perfect and absolutely beautiful!

What is the perfect Pregnant Body

The perfect pregnant body

They are doing something so amazing and so physically strenuous that no matter what they look like they are beautiful and perfect.

So pregnant mamas, wear that belly with pride no matter how big or small it is.   Even if you are experiencing pain and discomfort during pregnancy because of your belly, you will miss this time!

If you’re not pregnant and see a pregnant woman on the street, for the love of everything that’s beautiful on this planet don’t be a jerk and make a comment about how many kids they’re carrying. Just smile and tell them they look beautiful. Chances are that mama feels like a sack of potatoes already so she doesn’t need you reminding her how big she is (or small).  Because in the end, we are all so different physically that pregnancy is going to have different physical outcomes for everyone so cheer them because they’re doing something big!